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5 Futuristic Military Medical Technologies - Nothing to be defensive about

Discussion in 'Genetic | BioTech | BioMedical' started by A.V.Ramani, May 23, 2014.

  1. A.V.Ramani

    A.V.Ramani Guru

    Engineering Discipline:
    From robOTs (Robotic operation theatres) to suspended animation these appear to be crazy inventions. Might save lots of lives in the future.

    Richard Satava calls himself a “technology harvester” when it comes to his work as a senior science advisor at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command.
    It helps when you’re representing an outfit that knows how to keep secrets. “People will trust us with their information,” Satava, an emeritus professor of surgery at the University of Washington, told a gathering at the 10X Medical Device Conference, which LinkedIn’s Medical Device Group help just outside Minneapolis last week.
    And while specific uses for technologies are secrets, Satava was happy to discuss the general technologies he’s investigated over the years, technologies that could prove to be real game changers.
    They include everything from high-energy surgery that replaces the need for incisions to 3-D printing medical devices and even organs on-site at health providers.


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