Compete against engineers worldwide in brain-exploding quizzes!

Real-time Quizzing

Quizzr is a part of CrazyEngineers online ecosystem for engineers. Nothing beats the feeling of competing against tens of thousands of engineers from all over the world in real-time, live quizzes on variety of topics.

How it works?

New quizzes are published every few days. Members of CrazyEngineers can register to compete in any quiz topic of their choice for free.

All registered participants receive a notification about 30 minutes before the quiz starts. Once the user makes it to the 'Quiz Room' within time, they are presented with a count-down timer that concludes in "GET - SET - GO".

Questions appear in the quiz-room automatically and all the player has to do is pick up the correct answer as quickly as possible.

At the end of the quiz, user can see their score and check the leaderboard of top scorers.