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The Python Programming Discussion

Discussion in 'Computer Science | IT | Networking' started by avi2, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    Lets use this thread to discuss everything about Python. Coding discussions, latest news and learning new libraries!

    Here is one good video about Twisted:
  2. durga

    durga Star


    here goes a pymap for anyone who wants to learn.
    Yes , scapy and paramiko are missing (or i cant find them) but this pretty much covers the packages .

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  3. Kaustubh Katdare


    Start sharing some code and then discuss it, people. Videos and tutorials are okay; but they don't turn you into a Python coder :) . Let's get down to the ground and add discuss some code.
  4. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

  5. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    seems people here are not interested in python and most of the threads in section are non-python :'(
  6. Abhishek Rawal


    You can start discussion/technical debate. I am quite sure there are some python enthusiasts who will reply your threads.
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  7. is python a high level language?
    what does it use a compiler/interpreter?
    how do i get and install the IDE on my system? because i am currently on a program at learning python...any help will be ok..tankz
  8. shiwa436

    shiwa436 Apprentice

    i am trying to learn python from quite a few days.. but i'm confused where to start. please guide me in this. i know how to write programs in c, as we try in our colleges. i never tried them using IDEs
  9. durga

    durga Star

    @avi2 : the post about type annotations got me thinking about duck-typing in python ( what I don't understand yet) and spend good time reading about it. Unless there is anything to extend the existing discussion, I generally refrain from posting.
  10. durga

    durga Star

    python is an interpreter. if you have a BSD OS, python IDLE should be in built. windows - as usual lacks here and you will have to install from
    python3 is little different from python2 and be wary of the same.
  11. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    okay, but do post anything related to python :)

    Django 1.7 released :)
  12. durga

    durga Star

    I am more of a inter-networking person with very little exposure to html and css- that is the maximum I ever ventured into web technologies . BTW, have you ever worked on twisted? I want to get started with it soon.
  13. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    Yes, but merely as a beginner. But I love Tornado though
  14. avii

    avii Ace

    There is an interesting backstory about Tornado and Twisted, let me find the good rant...

    basically, Twisted guys were super pissed why Friendfeed (now acquired by Facebook) developed similar framework instead of contributing to Twisted. I think it was in 2011.

    Now Tornado has grown so much, its fully mature and high performance framework. Recently Tornado 4.0 was launched.
  15. durga

    durga Star

  16. avii

    avii Ace

    ^Glyph on SOF is the creator of Twisted and he was the one who was angry.

    I wouldn't go into comparing performances, however I would say if you are beginner go with Tornado, then Gevent or Twisted.
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  17. avii

    avii Ace

  18. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    Even I agree that Tornado is good beginners compared to Twisted.

    Or else, better would be Flask
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  19. avi2

    avi2 Enthusiast

    @durga have you done any web dev projects in Python...? just looking for some inspiration
: python

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