rack and pinion calculations

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    i :confused:am having problems with rack and pinion calculatons.................can ny i plsssssss give me the formula in terms of pitch of the rack and the no. of teeth
    of the pinion. i need to findout the teeth spacing on the rack and pinion........... that can help me calculate the distance moved by the rack for 1 rotation of the pinion...........
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    ok....thanx for the reply but the problem is i am using this steering and i have a particular steering ratio in my mind. and yes i also know the total rack length and dia of the pinion. so can u plsssssssss :( help find out pitch.........
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    There is formula for calculating the pitch, but it also requires the technical data as written earlier.

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    in Rack and pinion
    first u need to know the load,to choose the module type.ie.module1,1.5 etc.higher the module more distance u will travel for one rotation of pinion.and lower the resolution will be.
    you need to have the gears technical handbook to choose the appropriate rack and pinon.give me some time i will post the gear reference manual.using which u can do the module and pitch calculations.
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    tnx..for this info..hope it will be completed soon.,Im gonna subscribe to this thread cause I really need a solution for my rack and pinion and other mercedes parts..:rolleyes:
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    hi, i would like some information about " how to mount a rack and pinion in the vertical plane".. the pinion will be moving the rack, which will follow a reciprocating vertical motion.. the load is aprroximately 3 kg.. any recommendation on wat type of rack should i use?

    thx beforehand..
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    hi.......can someone tel me how to calculate rpm of pinion in rack pinion mechanism.........
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    Dear Sirs i want to know the standard rack and pinion gear dimensions for the steering . where cn i get that I hv my load details!!!
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