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Inside view of DC generators & motors

Discussion in 'Electrical | Electronics | Communications' started by Tarun Chauhan, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    Somebody please give me some basic diagrammatic view(some link having inside pictures will surely help) of dc generators and motors as m not finding them in my books and without some real knowledge of these machines am unable to learn about them........thanks in advance:)
  2. Reya

    Reya Ace

    Did you try google?
  3. did you tried bimra for machines if not try it otherwise try on google
  4. aj_onduty

    aj_onduty Certified CEan

    From your question, I believe that you are in your third semester. You are in India, so you must be able to get hold of books by Bhimbra, Thereja etc. They all have a very good amount of information of the inside of the machines, diagrammatic and in words, for you. First learn them. Don't simply learn them, understand them and then lets help each other in getting more and more practical insight of the inside of those machines.
    Hope I am satisfying you. Let us work out in that way.

    @praveena, going Google before having a theoretical knowledge won't help you much. The person who tries to Google needs to know the above things before he can succeed in finding anything in Google.
  5. Reya

    Reya Ace

    @ajit:Tsea has mentioned in the above post that he could not find it in his books.Thats why asked him whether he googled about it!There are so many people who depend upon google to learn the basics Ajit:)

    As far as i know Thereja is very good!I learnt the basics of electrical engineering in that book!
  6. aj_onduty

    aj_onduty Certified CEan

    But you know, to search in google, you need to get the right keywords in place to get a few things. For that, you need to be good at the basics. The best way to learn basics is books, according to me, because of a lot of factors I have personally come across when I tried to learn from the net. Learning the basics needs a lot of focusing, should be done without any distraction, and the internet can provide a lot of them. Hope you get my point.
  7. Reya

    Reya Ace

    @Ajit:could you please post those lot of of factors which you came across when you tried to learn from the net?I wanted to know!

    There are people who learn everything from net even when they have books to study.They gain more knowledge when they search in google than in books.U can understand better when you search in net than in books.
  8. your right praveena but in google all the information will not be in one site we have to search all over websites so i prefer to study in books if we are not satisfied with it then we can go to net study
  9. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    thanx to everybody.
  10. d_vipul

    d_vipul Certified CEan

    Hey all,

    Instead of fighting give him what him want..........

    Hey tsea,

    3D Color Diagram

    Front View

    Motor's Sectional View with names


    Now check the 3rd diag and search for more info or feel free to ask here...............

  11. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    hey thankyou very much vipul :)
  12. d_vipul

    d_vipul Certified CEan

    hey no need to say thank you..............@tsea
  13. Arp

    Arp Apprentice

    IF U want to have good knowledge of dc machines or any machines then refer MG SAY or PC SEN(ESPECIALLY FOR CONCEPT)
    if u want to learn even every small thing in design and inside of machines refer (electrical machine design by AK SAwhney)
  14. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    hey ARP may i ask u one more question,i have issued a book from my library after seeing it as a world's best book on's name is ELECTRIC MACHINERY by A.E FITZGERALD,CHARLES KINGSLEY JR.,STEPHAN UMANS.but i am finding its text a little you have any idea that is it really difficult or i need some more efforts
    or the books which u have suggested are better than this book and i should take one of these leaving the book m studing.other CEans please also add your valuable suggestions.
  15. Arp

    Arp Apprentice

    fitzerald i also read but very limited. its language not seems to be difficult to me perhaps because i've read pc sen machine part completely thats simplest in language and strongest in concept i suppose..
    it does not even include all the topics for a particular chapter but what it include it is solid in that.
  16. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    ohkay ARP i got your point.thank you so much dear for your admirable guidance...:)
  17. Wuebbs007

    Wuebbs007 Certified CEan

    Difference between AC And DC Motors is that ONLY DC Motors Have Brushes and a commutator (Thing that the brushes contact); but note that some dc motors are brushless. Voltage is applied to the field windings AKA stator and also voltage is applied to the armature (Rotor). Basically Parts for AC and DC Follow: End Bell Housings, Outter Casing, Stator, Rotor, Bearings, Magnetic Poles, Fan. If Not Mistaken AC motors are more complicated bc they come in 9 leads and 12 leads when you get into three phase induction motor (Wye-Delta). Good Motors are The Four Pole instead of Two Pole. I believe (KW x HZ) / (#of Poles)= RPM. Then U Have Service Factor and other info usually on motor name plate. If Buying a used motor a good way to know if good is to do a smell test (Burnt Kinda Smell-Avoid Motor-), check bearings, and coloration of the Stator (Bright copper good), then check rotor for pitting or gouges (Possible Rotor Failure) (Needs to be smooth).
  18. Tarun Chauhan

    Tarun Chauhan Apprentice

    thank you so much WUEBBS :)

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