What is Web Hosting and Domain Name? How does it work?

Learn what is web hosting and domain name, how it works and why it is used.
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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare
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The two most important aspects of creating your own blog are

  1. A Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting

Domain and Web Hosting are the building blocks of a blog or website. 

We’re going to look at each one of these in detail.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your website’s main identity on the Internet. It also refers to your website’s unique address on the Internet.

For example, google.com, facebook.com, amazon.com, crazyengineers.com are all domain names or ‘domains’.

Because a domain name refers to the address of the website, it has to be unique.

When a user types the domain name into the web browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox), the browser checks if the domain name exists on the Internet. It does so with the ‘Domain Name System’.

The domain name system (DNS) then finds out the exact location (called the Internet Protocol Address which looks like – of the website and directs the browser to it. It happens within milliseconds and we don’t notice.

“Google.com” is the domain name of the website ‘Google’ and “facebook.com” is the domain name of website Facebook. Make no mistake – website name need not be exactly the same as the domain name.

Let’s say your name is “Jackie Chan” and you want to create your personal website. You can have any domain name like –

  1. jackiechan.com
  2. jackiechan.in
  3. jchan.com
  4. jc4u.com or even
  5. karatechampion.com

You will have to check if the domain name you want is available on the Internet. If not, you will have to come up with a good name.

We’ve put up a guide on how to choose a domain name. Please go through it. Now, did you notice that the domain names above were typical? 

Important Domain Name restrictions –

1. A domain name can only have characters (a to z), numbers ( 0 – 9 ) and hyphens ( – ).

2. It has to be a unique name that is not reserved. You cannot book ‘facebook.com’ or ‘google.com’ because they’re already taken.

3. It cannot breach any existing trademark. This means google-search.com is a valid domain name, but because it uses word ‘Google’, which is a trademark of Google Inc., you cannot book it. Technically, you can; but then Google’s lawyers will make your life difficult.

4. It cannot be more than 64 characters in length.

We have created a special guide for you to help you select a perfect domain name selecting a good domain name. for your blog or website.

Read it here: Select your own domain name and check if it is available.

What is web hosting and how does it work?

It’s like renting a house to live. As the name says, web hosting is about renting a home where your website lives. The home, for a website, is called a ‘server’.

As you might know from our how ‘Internet works’ lesson, websites reside on the ‘server’. [SIDE] Nowadays, you might have heard about ‘cloud computing’. A website may also live on a ‘cloud’, and we’re going to go into it in later lessons.

Why do we need a web hosting service provider?

An essential part of running a website is renting a server from a hosting service provider.

A hosting service provider is a company that maintains a large number of servers and then makes spaces available to clients.

When we rent a server, and it’s very cheap to do so anywhere in the world, we essentially reserve some space on a remote computer where we set up our website.

Typically, the hosting service providers offer everything you’ll need to run your website in one package. All you have to do is pick up the right web hosting service provider.

You don’t have to spend thousands!

A common misconception many people have is that they’ve to spend a lot of money in order to set up their own website.

The fact is that if you are just starting, you can get started for very cheap, and if you use special discount coupons – you can get unbelievable pricing so that you save more.

The most important step is to create our own website first.

In the next tutorial, we’ll actually reserve a domain and have a website ready.

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Weed Guy

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