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World's First 'Smart' T-Shirt Designed For Fitness Freaks To Sell In India For ₹2,999

From smart phones to smart watches, gadgets are getting smarter by the day. Interestingly, it's now time for t-shirts getting 'smart' too. The unprecedented clothing line Sygnal Fitness T-shirt by Broadcast Wearable Ltd. claims to be the first fitness t-shirt.


Sygnal comes packed with myriad features such as it can track the number of steps you walk or the floors you have climbed, it also keeps a record of the number of calories burnt and the distance travelled by walking or running. You don’t have to worry about it getting ruined when you sweat out on treadmill because it is waterproof.

It comes with a micro USB port to recharge the battery. Once fully charged, the battery is expected to last for five days. The microcontroller box is fitted with an accelerometer and a smart Bluetooth connector. There is a soft button on sleeve which can be used to power on or off the t-shirt.

A downloadable app by the company called Sygnal app, helps to connect the t-shirt to your phone. The data recorded by the t-shirt is displayed on your phone screen. This app also helps you to navigate to a desired location. Sygnal is available in aesthetic sky blue and silver grey colour and can be worn practically anywhere -gym, office or during an evening out with your friends.

This product is being crowdfunded by FuelADream, a crowdfunding platform in India. You can pre-book these at a discounted rate of Rs. 2,999. The actual price of the product when it will be out in the market is expected to be Rs. 4,999. Sygnal will be delivered to the customers when the company reaches its funding goal of five lakh rupees.

In spite of having super cool features, actual performance of Sygnal can only be reckoned when it is delivered to its first customer.

Sources: India Today and Fuleadream

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