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Workshops, Training program and Web/app development Startup: Able Brain

Question asked by Sunil_thalore in #Startups & Business on Sep 29, 2012
Sunil_thalore · Sep 29, 2012
Previously named as Plan My Workshop and know named Able Brain is an initiative of IIT Bombay Students in the field of science and technology catering to schools and colleges. We are a team of young and passion-driven entrepreneurs with the vision of making India a World Leader in the field of Science and technology. We believe in enriching our youth and increasing their skill as individuals in this field to achieve their personal career objectives as well as build a brighter tomorrow for the country.
Able Brain offers a broad list of services which includes workshops, training and technical support to both students. We deliver lectures and workshops on Android development,Game Development, Robotics, Ethical hacking, Website Development and the latest trends in the development universe. In a short span, we have conducted workshops and training programmes in many colleges across the country.
  • We have conducted many workshops across the India including IIT-Bombay in the field of Android app development, Game Development etc
  • We have conducted two workshops( Android app development and Rubik's cube) in Malhar( St. xavier's annual festival) and free workshops for AIESEC - The World's Largest Student Driven Organization
  • We have conducted four week's Summer Training Programmein Mumbai on Android, Game, Web development which was attended by 90 students and we will conduct Winter Training Program during this December in 8-10 cities across India.
Apart from Workshops we provide challenging projects in Lazy 8 Games on ongoing projects to the students based on their participation in workshops so they will be able to further explore in these fields.

Recently we have launched Winter Training Program in following fields:
Android App Development

·Game Development
·3D Modelling and Animation
·Web Design
·Robotics Posted in: #Startups & Business

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