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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 30, 2012

Wind Farms Cause Surrounding Temperatures To Rise By 0.72 Degrees. Oops!

While engineers around the world are looking for alternative sources of energy, windmills offered a cleaner solution. A recent study by University of Illinois and the State University of New York at Albany however shows that the wind farms cause the surrounding temperatures to rise by about 0.72 degrees. The researchers are uncertain about the long term effect caused by the wind farms in the surroundings. The findings of the 9 year long research were published in journal Nature Climate Change.

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Those of you who didn't skip your elementary science classes may know that the warm air rises above to be replaced by cooler air. This natural pattern is disturbed by the large wind mills that are around 250 ft. tall. The researchers are unsure about the long term effects of this temperature rise on surrounding climate climate. Scientist Liming Zhou said that the researchers do not know whether there is a change in weather due to change in temperature. He however is concerned that the widespread of wind farms may lead to significant change in the weather and climate.

We just hope that the temperature changes won't affect weather. But that said, engineers surely have a new challenge ahead.

Via: BBC

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