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@Kaustubh Katdare • 22 Dec, 2019

I have recharged my Jio Fiber account and it entitles me to have a free Set Top Box. Now the STB is attached to my Jio Fiber Router; and I'm wondering if the STB will consume data from my Internet plan?

I was earlier informed that the data consumption of Jio STB will not be counted in the regular Internet plan. The channel subscription will be billed separately - which means even if you play your TV via Jio STB 24x7 - you will not pay anything extra. 

However, I'm reading on social media that STB data consumption will be counted in the regular Internet plan. 

If that's true, the 'base' plans are absolutely useless. Even with about 2-4 hours of daily usage - I believe ~200 GB will get exhausted quickly. 

Does anyone have a clarity on this? Anyone from Jio with us?

@Abhishek Rawal • 22 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

Seems like STB is attached to Jio Fiber router only to provide dedicated bearer when an user is accessing services like video call or audio calls. For accessing TV channels, it shouldn't be deducting quota from your internet plan.

However, why not shut down the router and watch TV for about 30 minutes just to confirm ?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

Update: The Jio Set Top Box actually consumes the data from the Jio Fiber plan that you're subscribed to. It's a HUGE bummer! This renders the Bronze plan absolutely useless and Bronze plan as the minimum requirement. 

I'm also wondering - what is the actual data consumption of the Live TV run through Jio set top box? Is there any way to calculate it? I'm yet to have access to the Jio STB; and I'm planning to run a few tests myself. Will update. 

@Vinay Mishra • 23 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

@kaustubh How you get to know this. Because I've also searched about plans of jio fiber but after searching for about one or half an hour I do not get any separate page for the description of set top box or the plans of box on the website.

@Kaustubh Katdare • 21 Jun, 2020

@Vinay, sorry for the late response. I've been using Jio Fiber along with Jio Set Top Box; and yes, the STB does consume data from your plan. From my experience the base 'Bronze' plan is sufficient if your TV viewing is limited to 1-1.5 hours daily. Otherwise, it's better to upgrade to the Silver Plan. 


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