13 Dec 2018

Why we should all be concerned by Bloodhound’s demise?

The Engineer (UK) says:

The demise of Bloodhound SSC is a worrying sign that we no longer dare to dream writes our anonymous blogger. 


14 Dec 2018

We were following with the Bloodhound SSC team for a long time and even featured them in Founders Circuit: BloodHound SSC - Mark Chapman | CrazyEngineers

The project died because of lack of funding - which is definitely concerning. I'd have loved to see Richard Branson and Virgin team get involved. However, I think the project's financial requirements were too much. 

They could even have considered raising funds through crowdfunding. Not sure if that'd have worked for them. 

17 Dec 2018

Update: Bloodhound project is back on the track. Mechanical engineer Ian Warhurst has bought the project and has vowed to continue the project. 

The new schedule of the test runs and final record-breaking attempt will be declared in coming days. I hope to see the car in motion soon! 

18 Dec 2018

This is the announcement:


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