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Why should we use reinforcement in concrete? Can a replacement like bamboo be used?

Question asked by Sakthi Thandapani in #Civil & Structural on Jan 14, 2020
Sakthi Thandapani
Sakthi Thandapani · Jan 14, 2020

Why should we use reinforcement in concrete? Can we use replacement of any other natural material like bamboo? Compare strength, compare cost and availability of material

Posted in: #Civil & Structural
Ramani Aswath
Ramani Aswath · Jan 14, 2020
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The house in Tirupattur (NA), Tamilnadu that I was born in was built more than 225 years back. It had 15 inch thick mud walls reinforced with bamboo. I was told that molasses or some such thing was used to bind the mud. I was also told that the bamboo was soaked in some anti-termite solution, which was also used in the mud walls.

However, it must be said that it was a single floor house with tiled roofing using nearly semi cylindrical tiles supported on a bamboo support lattice. The town had a massive monkey population, which used to remove some of the tiles. We boys would be sent up to the roof to replace the tiles. The long tailed monkeys and we boys (monkeys without tails) used to have great fun. Occasionally some tiles would get broken in the melee and we used to be roundly cursed by the elders on the ground.

Jokes apart, mild earth shakes did not do any damage to such structures.

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