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Why of Using Drones for Search and Rescue Operations?

Question asked by drone base in #Robotics on Nov 2, 2020
drone base
drone base · Nov 2, 2020

Drones provide unique capabilities that are leveraged by emergency service providers all over the world. They are already saving thousands of lives through participation in various public emergency and safety operations.

The 2020 COVID pandemic has accelerated the adoption of drones for public safety. When humanity was facing a worldwide lockdown, authorities in India used drones to monitor cities and enforce social distancing norms. Read the full case study on how an Indian startup helped authorities in the state of Gujarat to use drones via the country’s first drone command center.

When it comes to public safety, drones are used in a variety of use cases. But there is this one use case that catches peoples’ attention since the benefits are pretty straightforward. The use case we are talking about is search and rescue.

Posted in: #Robotics
drone base
drone base · Nov 2, 2020

Search and rescue (SAR) is a subset of public safety operations and involves activities revolving around finding missing people. It generally comes under the purview of the fire department in most countries. In the US, private SAR teams also exist; for example, Texas EquuSearch is a not for profit organization dedicated to search and rescue operations.

Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
Rank A2 - PRO

Drones  are the future of many industries and see its vast usage in delivery,search & rescue operations, exploration of areas where man cannot go.Its major help was in areas where it would be fatal for humans such as accidents involving emission of toxic gases,fire,etc. 

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