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Merindavid • Nov 11, 2015

Why bank job after B.Tech?

I have just cleared rrb assistant exam. Interview will be in the next week. I dont know how to answer why banking after btech.. can any one please help me..
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 11, 2015
I dont know how to answer why banking after btech
Welcome to CrazyEngineers. You did not mention anything about your background. The responses here will assume several things - like whether you are experienced, have you had any exposure to banking sector, kind of work you've done in the past or you're just engineering graduate etc.

You don't have to 'prepare' that answer. All they are asking for is the real reason you are switching to banking sector after graduating as an engineer. Could you share that reason with us, here?
I totally agree with what @Kaustubh Katdare mentioned.!!That's a kind of question for which the interviewer is expecting a genuine answer .So,You need not fake anything in your answer!!! As.discussed already, Let us know what's in your mind first???
I know of a few older gen engineers and physicists, who took bank jobs and did well. Banks do finance technical projects and need an assessment from their own assessors. So the skills of the technical employees do get used in such cases. A degree is just a label. What about hundreds of BTechs, who do MBA and do jobs far from technical?

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