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Why are memes so popular these days?

Question asked by Kavya Burramolla in #Coffee Room on Feb 14, 2020
Kavya Burramolla
Kavya Burramolla ยท Feb 14, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Earlier memes were created for fun sake and in todays situation meme creation has become a full time job. People are very passionate about creating memes and creating so many pages for their own memes in Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. And these memes attract most of the people as they are very much relatable. Sometimes I wonder how do they really help people. I've been through some of the meme pages where they post motivational quotes and deliver content in comic way but very helpful. There are also some pages that's beyond practicality, with such memes people are confused and end up thinking why my life is this way. Please add on your views about memes impacting today's generations.

Posted in: #Coffee Room

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