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Rashmi Gandhi
Rashmi Gandhi • Jun 24, 2019

Who committed the murder? - The Ultimate Detective Puzzle

A, B, and C are murder suspects. They make the following statements.

A: B is guilty and C is innocent.

B: If A is guilty, then C is also guilty.

C: I am innocent, but at least one of the others is guilty.

If the innocent are telling the truth and the guilty are lying, who committed the murder?

The statements of A and C are consistent with the guilt of B. They are also not contradictory.

B’s statement seems to implicate both A and C as guilty, which rings false.

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jun 25, 2019

I too think that B is the liar and therefore he is the one who committed murder. However, we have to assume that -

The innocent are telling the truth and the guilty are lying. 😬 

If B tells the truth then C is guilty and A is innocent, but then C AND A are liars, which cannot be.

Prudvi Raj
Prudvi Raj • Jul 10, 2019

The statements above tells the following...

It's c because it's not even taking anybody's side and expecting the other two to take it's side 

Here a is a friend to c and enemy of b

B has nothing 

C is trying to stay far away from this incident bcoz it's the real culprit

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