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An accelerometer measures a quality of acceleration, not necessarily vibration. But vibration sensors, which measure a quantity of acceleration and are therefore a type of accelerometer, are by definition accelerometers. A vibration sensor typically contains a piezoelectric crystal element bonded to a mass.

Addy smith
Addy smith • Aug 28, 2018

There is no real Difference But Older vibration sensors sensed position or velocity. Newer ones tend to use a MEMS accelerometer to detect vibrations. Accelerometer-based vibration sensors often capture acceleration data at a high rate. The built-in DSP uses a bandpass filter to eliminate the very high-frequency noise and to eliminate the low-frequency accelerations that are of little interest when it comes to detecting vibrations.  Here it is the low-frequency accelerations that are of primary interest. When it comes to detecting acceleration, the vibrations are just noise that are best eliminated at the source.

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