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What will replace the smartphone in the future?

Question asked by Dillikar Santosh in #Gadgets on Dec 28, 2019
Dillikar Santosh
Dillikar Santosh · Dec 28, 2019
Rank D1 - MASTER

Have you Imagined other way's to use the convince provide by technology without Smartphone? .... No!

...As Everything in this universe changes with time , Smartphone's will get replaced by smart wearable devices say's the predictions of Tech Gaints.

Smartphones to be challenged by a wide range of wearable gadgets and smart systems which provide new, convenient ways to communicate and enjoy the benefits of the digital world

How can wearable deives give tough competition to Smart Phones?

Posted in: #Gadgets
Mohana Chandra
Mohana Chandra · Dec 28, 2019
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Yes,Smart wearable devices gives competition to smart phones.The Convenience and the  functionalities provided by the smart wearable devices makes them to stand first.Suppose let us consider Fitnesss Band,which is a smart device,not only provides convenience to wear but also works by tracking physical activities of the person who has wore it.It calculates the calories burnt the human.

As both(smart wearable devices and smart devices) are Smart devices,they both can connect to other devices and they can  also connect to the networks like Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth etc..  The reason why i think smart wearable devices replace the smart phones is that smart wearable devices makes more physical contact with the user than smart phones(correct me if i am wrong).

Jai Patel
Jai Patel · Dec 29, 2019
Rank C3 - EXPERT

Smartphones might be replaced with smart clothing wherein human wearable products would be tech equipped. Let's understand this with examples as follows 

 T-shirts would play role of screens and they would be auto washable and refreshing with genetic-bio insects to keep it clean without washing. If you would come across someone new just my shaking hands his bio data would get reflected on his or her t-shirt and your's on him or her. Just through a hi-five you would be able to transfer bio data and contacts to another person.

Bracelets would play role of telephone directory, just a gesture of noting down contact number of another person on your palm number would get stored in the bracelets.

Footwear would play role of mini rockets where just through motion human would be able to hover on planet earth through one place to another. 

Wearing a flat ear ring would control your senses. As in just by holding it and blinking your eyes it take a snap shot of the object human would focus on. On just  licking a food ear ring would analysis its ingredients and vitamins, food would give to the body.

Human waist belt would be storage place of apps and would replace pockets.

And so on.......

saandeep sreerambatla
saandeep sreerambatla · Dec 30, 2019
Rank B3 - LEADER

I think the first and foremost thing that would come is  projected screens. Currently while using phone we have to hold it with one hand and use it with other hand, I mean you cant use both hands effectively. So the thing that would come next is projection from phone, the virtual reality becomes reality and we can touch the projected screen and use the phone. 

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