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Manoj B
Manoj B • May 20, 2018

what to do after eee with 5.9cgpa 2018 passed out?

Actually i didn't concentrate on my studies during my college days and i am regretting now and here after i will be focused on what iam could anyone reply what are the opportunities there after in electrical engineering or what is the best way to carry forward???

Manoj B
Manoj B • May 20, 2018

Or recommend me some short term courses in electric related field?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 21, 2018

@Manoj‍ - You're at the right place. I'm sure our fellow engineers will help you out. In the mean time, let me add my $0.02 - 

Your best bet now is to find out small companies that are willing to give you a chance for the skills-set you have. It'd also help if you acquire new skills. First find out the companies that are offering the job you desire; and then find out which skills they demand. 

It could involve learning new software, tools or referring to few more books and maybe getting certified. Starting 'small' is the key here. You'll have to focus on building skills and gaining relevant experience so that you can make a switch in 2-3 years to your dream job. 

I've known people who didn't do very well in engineering studies; but got into jobs others could only envy through sheer hard-work and most important - patience.

All the best!

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