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What is the main mental struggles as an engineer?

Question asked by Lior Atias in #Debates #Coffee Room on Jun 12, 2020
Lior Atias
Lior Atias · Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys in my experience after working with engineers and a lot of friends in this occuipation,

It can be a really demanding job that a lot of stress come up and effecting the day to day lifes.

What was the main struggle for you in this subject how you face and deal with stress and anxiety in your journey?
Thank you very much for reading and sharing 

Posted in: #Debates #Coffee Room
Kavya Burramolla
Kavya Burramolla · Jun 12, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Interesting topic to discuss @Lior Atias. Being an Engineer working for an Organization, fulfilling its objectives, working hard to grow professionally without risking personal responsibilities, I understand how it goes with stress terms and all.

As its always said that one must have work life balance but sometimes its hard to stand on words because of the practices and situations. In my view major stress points for an engineer are competition and evolving technology. Almost everyone face an issue of Competition either during education, jobs etc., 

Today we are in a era where technology is growing very rapidly and if we are stick to one technology we cannot survive well. Updating once self is now an important factor which finds hard to be implemented. We learn something now and after couple of years a new technology comes in and we need to get ourself updated with the new technology otherwise our job will be at risk and freshers with the new technology can easily take off our place. Fresher with knowledge on need technology is most likely to get opportunity in place of an Employee with experience without knowledge on new technology.

The one who is ready to learn and keep themselves updated to the technology will always have opportunities wherever they go. And to maintain work life balance one should prioritize and differentiate the personal and professional activities and never mix up the both.

Lior Atias
Lior Atias · Jun 14, 2020

Hey Kavya thank you for your lovley comment
i understand the massive competetion specially in a job that always growing
The usually diffuculty as i work with engineers was to change their habits and to take action out of their comftable zone of working and operating
Is stress is part of yours and your team experience?
if so how it effect your day to day life?

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