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What Is Inside PS4 System Software Update 4.50 For Beta Users?

Sony has released the PS4 system software update 4.50, codename Sasuke for beta program users. PS4 and PS4 Pro customers who have signed up for the beta program will get an early access to the next big software update from Sony. Selected users from the beta program have been informed about their eligibility via email and have been sent instructions to download and install the update. For the rest of us, Sony has released a blog post detailing the features that we can see in the recent update. The major additions include the capability of adding external hard drives, custom wallpapers for your home screen, new quick menu, notification refresh, 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR and a new Boost mode for PS4 Pro.

PS4 system software update 4.50

We start with the new ‘Boost Mode’ whose details were uncovered by The Verge. The ‘Boost Mode’ works only on the new PS4 Pro. Once you select this option from the menu the PS4 Pro’s CPU and GPU run at higher clock speeds to improve the gameplay on selected older PS4 titles. Next big addition includes external hard drive support. You can plug in any USB 3.0 HDD up to 8TB of your choice into your PS4 to download and install applications onto your hard drive. Sony likes to point out that the user files will be saved on the PS4 HDD and games and applications can be stored externally.

External HDD Support
Notifications Quick Menu Refresh Wallpaper Support

The PS4 system software update 4.50 also adds the capability of adding custom wallpapers to the home screen. Sony has ensured with the help of drop shadows on text and system icons that the wallpaper that you have chosen does not mess up the menu visibility. The Quick Menu has been revamped to make it more accessible and less disruptive to your gameplay. The notification list has now been condensed into one where Game Alerts, Downloads, Uploads and more are kept on a single simplified list. Finally, if you own a PlayStation VR you will be able to enjoy 3D movies on your PS VR headset.

Source: PlayStation Blog & The Verge

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