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pranav72 • Jan 5, 2010

what does a home volatge stablizer consist of?

hey everybody
can any one please tell me what is inside an voltage stabiliser installed at our homes.
i think it is a transformer but then the name does not suggest it.
and if it is a transformer then how can the power delivered to appliances increases
i.e. even the voltage increases and the current too
Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal • Jan 5, 2010
Hi welcome to ce
have a look of this link..It may help you
Voltage stabiliser is not a transformer.

Voltage stabilizer is a device which delivers constant output voltage w.r.t .the input voltage.

What is power delivered gets increasing to appliances I didnt get this?

Have more questions please post here.
piyushh • Jan 6, 2010
pls can u give smore explaination?

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