Tintu Maria George
Tintu Maria George
Branch Unspecified
09 Oct 2018

What can I study after passing B.E. cse in 2012 and a long gap after that without doing anything?

l have completed B .E in cse in 2012. After that I don't like to continue the same stream in my career. Because i don't like programing. Now what can I do for getting a job in different field? Can I study any other degree or pg?

Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
11 Oct 2018

Hello @Tintu Maria Welcome to CE. If you don't like programming, have you tried preparing for other fields in the IT Industry? For eg: Customer Support, Software Testing, Network Administration etc. The IT industry is full of hundreds of job types where a CS Engineer is not required to do any kind of 'programming' or coding.

If you have considered all this and still not choose to work in the IT Industry, you can choose to pivot your career towards any hobby of your choice. For instance, if you love teaching, you can do a B.Ed. course and get into the education sector. 

Do tell us your thoughts on this.

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