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What are you testing if you apply force from a press into the center of a suspended object.

Question asked by Nicholas Pesola in #Civil & Structural on Oct 14, 2019
Nicholas Pesola
Nicholas Pesola · Oct 14, 2019

I am working on my undergrad capstone project and decided to do a materials analysis of carbon fiber through the lens of bridge construction. One of the tests I decided to run was to lay carbon fiber rods inside of concrete. I plan on placing each end of the slab of concrete (16"x8"x3" thick) on a block and applying a force to the middle to see at what force it breaks. What exactly would I be testing in this case? Tensile strength, compressive strength, etc.

Posted in: #Civil & Structural
Ramani Aswath
Ramani Aswath · Oct 15, 2019
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This (rather long) report may give some ideas:


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