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What are the problems that robots are facing today?

Not very clear what is attempted to be conveyed. Robots are inanimate and do not face any problems.

Robotics may have issues. AI, sense of touch, smell, and taste. Hazard free interactions with humans are some areas where development is in progress.Can some more details be given for CEans to consider?

Are you looking for challenges faced by the world of robotics? @aithagoni sai 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 14, 2019

I believe unbearable working conditions and absence of work-life balance would be the top ones off my head. What's your take, @Ramani Aswath sir? 

Are you talking about robots?

I am reminded of an Isaac Asimov story. Humans had colonised a remote planet, which was uninhabitable for humans. They deployed robots, which could build more of them as needed. Sometime later earth gets news that there were some problems. An investigator was sent. He had to be in suit all the time he spent on the planet.

To his horror he found that there were red robots and blue ones and the blue ones kept the reds segregated in apartheid. He read the riot book and sorted out the issue and leaves back to earth. In the space ship he removes the helmet heaving a huge sigh.

Only then the reader realises that he is black. I was moved deeply when I read the book.

To revert to your question @Kaustubh Katdare , if in the purely speculative sense robots learn emotions, what you say would happen. Who knows? Maybe some #metoo cases may also turn up!

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