29 May 2018

What are the disadvantages of Blockchain technology?

I'm looking for a discussion on the disadvantages of blockchain technology. All I keep hearing is how the blockchain technology is going to change the world for better and how it'll end the government's control over currency, bring (much awaited) revolution to education and supply chain. 

But as always, there are always two sides to the coin. 

I think while we make ourselves aware of the new technology and talk about its benefits, we must also be aware of the disadvantages of the blockchain technology. Is there any way it can affect us negatively? 

Looking forward to your opinions, comments. 

shameer ariff

shameer ariff

Information Technology
30 May 2018

BlockChain is the non changeable distributed storage, and this is the major disadvantage.  So no modification of data was permitted. For example My Car Registration was integrated to the  BlockChain storage, I cannot change the engine or the colour of the car. Only the ownership can be transferred nothing more than that.  

06 Jun 2018


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06 Jun 2018


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13 Jun 2018

A Conversation with Blockchain Thought Leader David Houlding, Microsoft Principal Healthcare Program Manager


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