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Web Development and Android Development - Which has better future?

Question asked by Shakti Singh in #Career Help #Programming on Jan 9, 2019
Shakti Singh
Shakti Singh · Jan 9, 2019

What will be better Android app development or web design/development according to future.

Posted in: #Career Help #Programming
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Jan 9, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

@Shakti Singh If you want to ask the question from a career perspective then both are good. I have friends working as website developers as well as mobile app developers and they both have pretty good salaries and they love their jobs. It all depends on what you like to do. Both fields will require different skill sets and knowledge of programming languages.

Which ones do you prefer? What is your current status on knowledge about these fields?

Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh · Jan 9, 2019

I agree with Ankita ma'am.

Website development is in great demand right now. But by that I don't mean HTML or CSS. I mean backend programming is in demand and is a great career path.

Similarly, android development which is currently a very prospering field also has great future.

So, it's completely up to you to choose the field.

Shakti Singh
Shakti Singh · Jan 10, 2019

Thank you @Ankita Katdare  and @Aditya Singh 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jan 10, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

I recommend learning Java programming language. There are several advantages in doing that. First - Android development will be easier for you to pick up. Plus, if you focus on the concepts and understand them very well, it'd be easier to pick up web development languages as well. 

Aim for Java Certification!

My personal belief is that web development will take over app-development in near future. First, the app world is shifting from native mobile apps to Progressive Web Apps because they hold a lot of potential. Google's backing the PWA initiative because it directly helps them save their business - which is search advertising. 

Another language you should pick up is Javascript. It's easier to get started with Javascript and I'd recommend picking up a popular framework like Vue or Angular in order to be job ready. 

Once you have full-stack skills-set you can apply to any number of jobs. Full stack developers are in great demand and will always be. 

Another important recommendation I have for you is that you should join the relevant 'Group' in our Groups app. It will help you stay up to date with relevant domain that you've chosen and have a chance to interact with the community that's active in that specific domain.

I hope this helps. 

Advaita Homes
Advaita Homes · Jan 10, 2019
Rank D3 - MASTER

Thanks for the information

Teja Reddy
Teja Reddy · Jan 20, 2020
Rank C3 - EXPERT

First let's understand what is Android development and web development

Android development

Android development is developing an apps for Android device and sharing it to the play Store to make it available to all the Android devices in the world there are nearly 2.5 billion Android devices world wide 


Obviously there will be a huge scope in the future still these 2.5 bn might increase in the near future and more Android developers are required.

Web development

It is developing website and hosting it in internet to make it accessible to all the users across the world

Web is everywhere every organisation need an website to promote their organisation or for communication purpose. So web development is always in demand.

supriya VN gowda
supriya VN gowda · Jan 20, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

According to carrier perspective both are equally important. But for Better user interface of mobile applications web development is used. In current days many people are interested in web technology. If you want to earn your pocket money you can try out mobile apps. Both require different knowledge web applications involve markup languages like html, css, javascript, php. Mobile app development involve the knowledge of java.

Both are good for future use, you can choose your interested one. Both are good, it's your choice to choose the best you like. Web applications help to promote the new products and attract users so in current days there are many projects in web applications. If you are interested in designing web applications go on with web applications. 

Swarup Pan
Swarup Pan · Jan 20, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

According to me right now the above mentioned two things are equally promising. But both these things are coming to a dead end. There are many more tools or websites where you can simply put your requirements and get a fully developed website in no time. The same case is also happening in case of Android development. Automation coming in the picture the android development is done by the machine itself.

I don't think both of them are going to vanish or out of date any soon.

There are ample scope in these two technologies right now.

Karshil Sheth
Karshil Sheth · Jan 20, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

I feel go for full stack development as it creates a wide opportunities.

For Web development:-

  1. Learn Photoshop / abode Xd / wire-frames [ UI/UX].
  2. Start making templates from scratch using html, css & java script. [ enough to get job]
  3. Start learning techs like react, angular for front-end.
  4. For backend, master in php or java or ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET.
  5. For micro-services learn kubernetes.
  6. Also selenium / jira, I recommend it. [ optional ].

For Mobile App Development:- 

  1. Same as point 1[above].
  2. For android specifically it will be done in XML file.
  3. Try learning react native for designing.
  4. For backend use java, kotlin.
  5. For deploy use google playstore.
  6. For database use Firebase as provides good encryption of the data.

So in mobile development as android developer I have done this so I recommend it. For ios stack it varies and you need to choose language accordingly. 

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