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Web Accessibility - Will be accessible to everyone ?

Whenever a new application is built, the first question which prompts up is about web accessibility. Since each and almost every application feature of will be specifically for engineering students, will there be any feature that it will help student communities with disabilities. For example - visual or audio ?

Not only engineers but students who aspire to become one are also part of our CE community. Many students require a detailed counselling to decide a good career path. If a feature like career counselling can be incorporated, will be equally accessible to the students as well.

Further more, many students may have a weak economic background. Some application features, as announced, will be paid. However, something like a fee waiver can be incorporated for such students by observing a scan copy of some of their documents that support their condition or by organizing a test/competition such that students from almost all background can be a part of our initiative.
Just as a reference, in Coursera they have introduced the price stuff but they have also given an opportunity to study for free. People who can't afford the money required paying for those courses can simply submit their govt issued photo id card and answer 3 questions related to his economic backgrounds and education. Here for "AMA" facility we can turn the screws tighter by asking for a proof of his family income along with photo-id while all office goers could be charged as per the rules.

Also those who wish to continue receiving paid services for free could be asked to volunteer for other stuffs in which he is sound.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 9, 2016
Right now, our entire focus is on engineering students and professionals. If we have sufficient success in catering to their needs and wants, we'll keep expanding.

These web apps are going to be free + premium. In most of the cases, the access is going to be free for all the basic facilities. For example, the resume builder can offer 1-2 templates for free and also have the option to pay some money to opt for a more professional template.

No services will be in the 'unaffordable' range. We'll charge only when it's absolutely necessary to.

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