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Want some ideas for high-level/advanced data structure and file handling projects

I am an engineering student of computer science branch, I want to do some challenging projects in DFS(Data Structure and File) because I am already done with projects like hotel management, Employment record, Tic-tac-toe game, students record and other similar programs like this, so i want some ideas which will be challenging for me and learn new things from it. Any suggestions  

Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Sep 4, 2018

How about fetch public Twitter and Facebook data and structure them in category. It's free and lot of opportunity to look far. 

Can you find whether a tweet is from bot? Whether a public Facebook post is fake or real? What kind of followers a celebrity have? Can you predict whether your friend likely to follow a certain celebrity? 

You may also look for Machine-Learning too if you want.

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