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VGA v/s megapixel

hello....can anyone of u please tell me that--What is the difference between 640X480 VGA and 1 megapixel?
niraj.kumar • Aug 19, 2008
Megapixel matters when you want to take a large picture ... I mean picture of sunset or any lake .....

For the picture which is taken from short distance .... it doesnt matter most .... So if you are are photographer you should take a high mega pixel camera ..... and optical zoom matters most
bayazidahmed • Aug 19, 2008
Why dont you multiply 640 and 480. And how many pixels do you think there are in 1 Megapixel?

Start thinking at the root level and you'll be surprised at how simple the solutions are.
I think the standard VGA can only simultaneously display 256 colours.

But in terms of resolution, then yea.. as ahmed said, the difference is the total number of pixels in the array.
bayazidahmed • Aug 20, 2008
VGA mode supports 16-bit colors as well.
Mrunalini • Aug 20, 2008
VGA stands for "Video Graphics Array".
VGA is 640x480.. or basically .5 MP.

So 1MP is always better that a VGA.. 😀
VGA mode supports 16-bit colors as well.
Oh, isnt it SVGA and XGA and onwards that could display the 16-bit colour palette?
bayazidahmed • Aug 22, 2008
The VGA supports both All Points Addressable graphics modes, and alphanumeric text modes. Standard graphics modes are
640×480 in 16 colors
640×350 in 16 colors
320×200 in 16 colors
320×200 in 256 colors (Mode 13h)
As well as the standard modes, VGA can be configured to emulate many of the modes of its predecessors (EGA, CGA, and MDA).

@Mrunalini: It comes to 0.3 MP. SVGA comes close to 0.5 MP

Source: Video Graphics Array - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
So, its either 16 (4 bit) or 256 (8 bit) colours simultaneously right? a 16 bit palette, which you mentioned before, consists of 65,536 colours 😉 So slight confusion there.
bayazidahmed • Aug 22, 2008
Yup! I should have said 16 colors onl. The -bit part was extra.
Deathwatch • Aug 27, 2008
Basically the more megapixels you have the greater detail you can get when enlarging the image however having a camera with a 10mp rating over one with 5mp doesn't necessarily mean you will get a better picture as this is also decided on the Lens and the CCD quality of the camera.

I prefer to go for a camera with a half decent lens that way the picture will be nice and clear and in focus (a lot of cheaper smaller pocket sized cameras have tiny lenses but boast 10mp but pic quality suffers).

If it is quality you want and money isn't an issue then a digital SLR camera is the way to go.

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