Dilip Kumar Kaza
Dilip Kumar Kaza
Computer Science
12 Nov 2017

U.N.O.A.R: Unreliable Narrator Of Adamant Reality

Hello CEans,

It has been a while that I have posted something here on CE and yet it feels like it was only yesterday. Back then, I used to look towards the wall clock and I knew the time was ticking and these days I barely look at those walls. Everything is now digital with fancy straps around it. I wasn't even twenty-one and was trying to speak out, scream and shout my brains out to find a way to do something. It was started on CE and here's the link, My First Story. After that, I tried one more and I got to knew that my knowledge towards writing something and developing it into a book was very limited. I tried and failed, and again I tried till I manage to achieve something but yet I believe there's a long way to go for me in my life. Today, I am here to proudly announce that I wrote a book and the name of it is, "U.N.O.A.R: Unreliable Narrator Of Adamant Reality," and it's now published. Also, it is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.in, Amzon.co.uk, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo and many other stores worldwide. Here, it is! The link, if you're interested - please, do read and share this work of mine. It's a great story.


Thank you, CE!

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