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uBuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Released

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Coffee Room on Apr 28, 2011
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Apr 28, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
One of the most favorite desktop edition of Linux is uBuntu and the latest stable version of uBuntu, 11.04 called Natty Narwhal has been released. Grab your copy of this most stable and secure uBuntu here. Natty Narwhal features many additions over the previous releases. The biggest and the most noticeable change is the refreshed GUI.  There are few big default app changes. Let's take a look at new stuff in uBuntu 11.04-
<h2>Better GUI Installer</h2>
You no longer have to struggle with hard disk partitions  or worry about how much swap space is needed. The new installer solves all your problems and even identifies what operating systems are currently installed on the machine. The installer also informs other details like what's happening during installation and all you need to get started is answer few questions the wizard asks.

uBuntu 11.04
<h2>Brand New Unity Bar</h2>
Unity bar redefines the traditional taskbar, looks magnificent on on large screens. By default the Unity bar sits in the left side of the screen and you can position it anywhere depending upon your choice. You can't however remove the unity bar from the interface. Unity bar can be used to launch applications, minimize them and even perform desktop searches. The buttons on the bar can be moved, and new buttons can be added. We are yet to explore it more, so more update about it will come later.
<h2>Some Apple Mac OSX Stuff</h2>
In Apple Mac, the top bar updates itself with the menu items of the application which is currently active. The new uBuntu features the dynamic menu-bar which gets the relevant menu items and drop-downs. Looks like uBuntu got this feature directly from OSX.
<h2>Keyboard Navigation</h2>
Now, holding down the Windows Key on keyboard will display relevant numbers to each app on the Unity bar. Then clicking the relevant key will take proper action. Explore this feature on your own!

There's much more to the new uBuntu 11.04. Give it a try!

Via: Canonical uBuntu Posted in: #Coffee Room

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