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confounded • Jan 26, 2009

turbo c++ question:text input in graphics mode

I have a question... how i can get input from the user in graphics mode. I want the cursor placed directly after "Enter number here: " but I'm not able to do that using cin. even the gotoxy statement doesnt work in graphics mode. Is there any other function i should use?

Also how can i display the number using takes only string as argument?

Here is my code:

int main()
int num;
int gd=DETECT, gm;
outtextxy(100,100,"Enter number");
outtextxy(100,200," The number is: ");
confounded • Jan 26, 2009
okay i was extremely stupid...😒

I should have given smaller numbers for gotxy arguments...oops.
Anyway now that problem is solved.
Adwait • May 8, 2016
I see....
I have created a function in c++ which can be used to take input in graphics mode.

If you want that please contact me on my email id. I will send you.

My email id:

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