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basakglkn • Feb 21, 2008

Thermal Sprayed Metal applications in ships and floatables (Marine&Surface eng. esp.)

I was wondering ıf any users of metalizing here, does anyone have any researches about the use of TSC for corrosion protection on ships especially on ship boards and for decks or any other infrastructure within the ship ?
Does anyonre has experience with TSC of a ship or similar vessels? I am trying to estimate the performance of TSM esp. Zn and Al in marine applications. Although I have experience in TSC of bridges, polygon towers and similar structural steel this is a completely new area for me. I would be grateful even if you can provide some guidelines.😕

I need this data to compare performance of TS aluminum and zinc on coating of ship decks(friction resistance), impact and wear resistance to estimate the performance of the coating on boardside and hull, resistance against the drift on course(cruise).For impact resistance I think i will run a Charpy test😒

If you use TS I would appreciate more information about what classes of ships you apply metalizing, what are the suitable areas, what are the related military standards.

Any information or reference related to these properties would be highly appreciated.

Hello to everyone by the way😛

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