19 Apr 2012

TextMe (OnTextMe.com) - Send Content From The Web To Phone

Stumbled upon a new startup that allows you to send your favorite content from the Internet to your phone. Textme is a browser addon that adds a new right-click menu to your pages. If you want to send a text snippet to your phone to read it later, you can simply highlight the text with the mouse cursor, right click and select 'Text Me' menu. A pop up window opens that asks you the mobile number you want to send the content to. Enter the details and hit the send button.

Here's a video from the company that demonstrates the product. Check it out -

How do you like the concept? Few days ago, one of our CEans wrote to me that we should have a mechanism that lets you 'send' content from CE to your phone so that you can read it later. So here it is, guys; the engineers at TextMe seem to have solved the problem.

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