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sherya mathur
sherya mathur • Apr 30, 2010

tell the number of men,women & children

Q:There are 20 pieces of bread to divide among 20 people. A man eats 3 pieces, woman eats 2 pieces and a child eats half piece of bread. Tell the correct combination of men, women and children so that they are 20 people in total and everyone gets the bread. Note that a man cannot eat less than 3 or more than 3. A woman cannot eat less than 2 or more than 2 and the child cannot eat less than half or more than half piece of the bread. You have to tell there are how many are men, women and children in those 20 people.

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Men = 1

Women = 5

Children = 14

Total = 1*3 + 5 *2 + 14*.5 = 20..
I go with ES...
silverscorpion • May 7, 2010
Ya, that's right.
But is that the only answer?

Two equations with three unknowns, so there are many answers possible, right?
Red Hawk
Red Hawk • May 10, 2010
These are the two equations. X,Y,Z are the number of breads.
In simple maths, there can be many answers possible. But here, we are dealing with number of persons. So we cannot take decimal answers. This is the only integer answer possible i think.
i go with ES
vefadar • May 19, 2011
here we got 2 equations,
x+y+z=20, and 3x+2y+0.5z=20
then after solving last equation we get 6x+4y+z=40,
from this one i do following: x+y+z+5x+3y=40, as x+y+z=20 then 20 +5x+3y=40, then 5x+3y=20,
as you see here x can be only 1, x=1 , because another answers are not valid with 3y,
so x=1 then y to be 5,y=5, 5*1+3*y=20, x=1,y=5 is only solution for this equation, so z=14, from x+y+z=20
Aza Chen
Aza Chen • Jul 22, 2011
Got the ans. thnx
bhavnatalesara • Jul 28, 2011
This can also be the answer.
N there may be many more answers....if not so then why?
Oaneaa • Jan 14, 2012
there is only an answer because there are 20 people....

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