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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 22, 2011

Summer Internship @ Waterloo Labs - Nerdy CEans Wanted!

If you like to drive your car with iPhone or control Mario with your eyes (and even get paid to do that), we've got an excellent opportunity for you! Waterloo Labs (WLL), the Texas based group of engineers from [​IMG]National Instruments is hiring super nerdy crazy engineers for summer internship. WLL with National Instruments (NI) is offering 10-12 week paid internship in Austin, Texas for summer 2011. The team's got awesome ideas and you'll be working with them to bring those ideas to reality and get publicity through YouTube and other channels. You'll need some experience in design, fabrication and programming. The objective of the internship program is on project research and promotion of projects through various multimedia channels.

Here's Waterloo Labs' Hunter Smith informing about the internship -

Video resumes and web-portfolio are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to point to them in your cover letter. The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed via phone or skype.

Desired Skills
(You don't need all, but well qualified applicants will have a few)
• LabVIEW Development Experience
• Data Acquisition Experience
• Circuit Design Experience (Analog, Digital)
• User Interface Design
• Microcontroller Experience (Arduino, ARM)
• Sensor Interfacing (Temperature, force, optical…)
• Motor Control (DC, Servo, Stepper)
• sbRIO/ cRIO project Experience
• Mechatronics Design Experience
• Robotics Experience (FIRST, BEST, Class projects)
• Machining / Mechanical Prototyping (CNC, SoildWorks…)
• Control System Design (PID)
• Mobile Development Skills (iPhone , Android…)
• Video production (Writing, Shooting, Editing)
• Web design


Click Here To Apply

Via: WLL Blog

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