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Sticked in the middle of myself GATE VS JOB??? Please guide and go through my entire question please

Question asked by Sachin Satwaskar in #Career Help #ExamPrep #Campus Placements on Apr 1, 2020
Sachin Satwaskar
Sachin Satwaskar · Apr 1, 2020

Sir I have completed my engineering from a very average college in 2019 and doing a job in a manufacturing company from last 8 months. I simply feel fad up into this job which deals basically in some common usual practices that doesn't match with what we learnt. And many people already working in that company regrets to loose their opportunity to prep and encourage me to do so with their experience. I also think that throughout my academic background I have not achieved anything to proud for. And this job doesn't give me that package I expected(15k/month). I am a obese person which make very lethargic to handle this job particularly the shop floor. According to my assessment I think to leave this job and work on my physique(97kilos BMI 31) as well as Gate prep because the working hours are pathetic 05:30AM to 05:00PM (11:30HRS Overall) in evening and shiftwise Day Noon and Night shifts (makes digestion pathetic) (weekly change). Please guide me should I leave this job or I continue prep with the job. I have never had a coaching for a prep like GATE so also guide me regarding the course feeding for Gate.

Posted in: #Career Help #ExamPrep #Campus Placements
Sachin Satwaskar
Sachin Satwaskar · Apr 4, 2020

 sir reply anything you feel but please reply.                          

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