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mathew89 • Jun 11, 2016

Steering force/torque depends on car speed

Could someone explain why the torque applied to the steering wheel decrease in the same time when car speed increase.
It is obvious behavior which we can observe in real life, but I would like to understand it basing on physics basics.
mathew89 • Jun 11, 2016
For sure there is detailed explanation for my question, but it seems to be so complex for me. In that possible to get the answer in more understandable words, please?

Simpler is not necessarily accurate.
One can look at it this way.
At near zero speed the friction between the road and the tyre is more than at higher speeds. Secondly, at a higher speed the whole action covers a much longer distance than at low speed. The implication of this is that the angle over which the steering turns is less.
The combined effect of both is a reduction of torque.

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