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Staying with asp.net or Cross Platform or Android? which one is best for future

Question asked by Suresh1791 in #Gadgets on Jul 29, 2016
Suresh1791 · Jul 29, 2016
Hi I have been working on asp.net around 2 years. Now A mobile app project is assigned to me. that project is cross platform Mobile app(Meteor Framework). here, I am struggled with choose my career. because, Mobile application is going to act a major role in development. so now learning XAMARIN for cross platform application development. but Cross platform is not stable, because lot of frameworks are there, when a new framework arrives, old one is back to pavilion. Now I am ready to learn any one. So, Shall I choose Native android or with xamarin or just move to asp.net mvc? which one best for feature? Posted in: #Gadgets

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