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Robo-G!RL • Jan 6, 2008

SOS..wall following robot..

Dear CEans.
Happy new year to you all and hope that 2008 will be a peaceful year to all people around the world.😁

As the title of my thread indicates..i'm in trouble and need urgent help please.
I've been asked to change of the scope of my previous project "line follower" to be a "wall follower". The robot ofcourse will be a toy car that is controlled by a PIC uC and must follow the wall (i.e. if the wall bends to the right the robot must turn right too).
The sensors will be either push buttons or swithches. I have only ONE WEEK to submit the project & I have searched the Internet to find some useful resources to help me in this project and couldn't 😔.
So I'm begging you to help me with that..please if you can provide me with some sample C program (for the uC) to show me how to control the toy car.

I'm depending on you my buddies to help me through this project.

"Miserable" RoboG!RL 😔
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 7, 2008
I'm not much into robotics (I'd have loved to be 😀 ) but I searched a bit and found something here -

Robot Control

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