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vignesh • Sep 27, 2011

Solar Storm Hits Earth - NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space weather prediction Center (SWPC) issued a warning about changing weather in space and its consequences on earth. It has notified a warning about a strong geomagnetic storm of G3 range hitting the earth. The storm was produced on Saturday 24th September due to an explosion on suns corona.  G scale solar storm range from G1 (minor) to G5 (extreme).

The present solar attack has affected the earth’s magnetic field considerably and has resulted in strong geomagnetic storm in certain regions. Experts say that had this hit been a straight on earth, this sudden ejection of charged particles that was fired at a tremendous speed of 5 million miles an hour could have caused damage of extreme levels that could have caused fatal problems.


This storm is a serious problem for the electrical grids and the radio and satellite communication systems. But the present problem has not caused any trouble to these.

This activity in suns corona is expected to continue for few more days. The spot on the sun that produced the mass ejection will remain active for few more days. NOAA’s SWPC will be continually monitoring it for any further explosion and will continue to inform its customers to avoid any sort of damage to infrastructure and life.

People of Northern Asia and Europe could get the chance to view the aurora created by these storms better known as the Northern & Southern lights. May be tomorrows newspaper could flash some fabulous pictures on the front,

Source: Science Daily

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