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Aritra Ray
Aritra Ray • Jul 25, 2015

SMEC(Automation) or C-DAC or GATE?Which one is best to fetch a handsome core job for EE/ECE?

Hello Sir/Madam,

First of all I'm thankful to u & other friends for all the valuable information. I am quite surprised to see almost no ELECTRICAL graduates participating in the discussion. But arguably ELECTRICALs are the largest UNPLACED community in most of the private colleges, although they got admitted with the BEST RANKS in JEEs. They are ignored both by IT-Companies as well as VLSI/Embedded companies.

I'm 2015 unplaced Electrical graduate. Till now I was fully focusing on GATE. But after seeing all these discussions I got stuck in confusions like...

(1). There is no point in doing M.Tech from other institutes apart from IIT/IISCs as NIT-Durgapur website is showing "0" placement for ELECTRICAL in M.Techs. Hope the picture is more or less same for other NITs as well.

(2). Even after scoring extra-ordinarily in GATE( AIR within 500) you can't make into PSUs/ top IITs as their interviews are even more harder to crack(my senior GATE scorers told me that ).

(3). After all GATE is risky as once u made a mistake, u have to wait for another year to get the next opportunity.

(4). Next come AUTOMATION, all the paid training institutes (except a few like SMEC, NIELIT-Calicut, IATC, JRD Tata Institute, Precon) have a lot of complaints against them in Consumer-Forum like once u paid the fees they will forget you & about their 100%placement guarantees.

(5). Lastly, C-DACs are crowded mostly by ECE/CSE/ITs, as ELCTRICALS do fear SOFTWARE subjects. The BIGGEST CRISIS that the unplaced ELECTRICALs do face is that our 4 year course give us little opportunity to develop command over the SOFTWARE . But love it or hate it, ELECTRICALs simply can't ignore SOFTWARE companies as they are left with little or no options otherwise.

Please someone suggest me, which course should I opt for?? Hope all the CORE-LOVING students will also find this post relevant too. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks in advanced.
Aritra Ray
Aritra Ray • Jul 25, 2015
Please Kaustubh Sir, Being electrical I want your suggestion at least...I am suffering from lack of decisiveness that's why I have spend my valuable time writing this post.
Aritra Ray
Aritra Ray • Jul 25, 2015
Please Please Please respond....It's a request.....I'm in deep trouble.

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