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Should one join CDAC Pune VLSI/ESD after 2 yrs of experience in IT.

Question asked by Siddharth Singh in #CDAC on Jan 2, 2019
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh · Jan 2, 2019
Member of CrazyEngineers


I am working in IT sector for last 2 years ,I am not feeling very happy here but the money has kept be going, I gave CDAC exam in DEC and have got 122 rank in A+B+C section,Being an ECE graduate I always have wanted to work in core domain,Shall I take this opportunity or Its not worth to waste my two years experience and I will also have to take risk of leaving my job.

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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar · Jan 2, 2019
Member of CrazyEngineers

On basis of your IT experience don't you think you can get good switch? I think you should polish your skills and apply for some better opportunities than just starting with CDAC. 

Even if you don't crack any interview you will get lot of confidence and will know the current market demand. 

Ofcourse this can be done by being in your current job. CDAC ultimately will give you only some opportunities only and not job guarantee. 

You have to decide this. Leaving current job without having future vision is definitely  not  way to go my friend , @Siddharth Singh 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jan 2, 2019
CEO @ CrazyEngineers, TEDx Spe...

@Siddharth Singh - I'll recommend joining in our CDAC Aspirants Group so that you are instantly connected with all the CDAC aspirants.

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