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Should I change my career after 4 years of experience in IT?

Question asked by Ankita Thummar in #Electronics #Software Testing #Career Help on Feb 1, 2021
Ankita Thummar
Ankita Thummar · Feb 1, 2021

Hello everyone,

My name is Ankita and I have completed my BE in electronics 2016. I got placed in campus interview only and since July 2016 I've been working in the same company. I joined embedded division there as I was finding my last year's electronics projects and programming interesting. I have 8 CGPA in my degree. 

After being in industry for 4.6 years,  I'm seeing my self no where, so many changes in projects, I have been pushed to QA from embedded which I don't like as bcom students with computer can do that stuff if they have computer subject. I'm not judging anyone's study fields but I feel what's the meaning of spending my 6 years in engineering (I'm d2d student With on 10th base as my 12th score was not good) and doing QA. Though it's automation, but I'm not getting paid well. Even though if I change my company the salary nevar gonna match to VLSI salaries. It's not like I am passionate about VLSI, but I feel like I have to work any way for 10 to 11 hours then why not there were I should get more.

Now after completing 4 years as QA engineer, I feel stuck with my career. 

1) should I stay in QA, but change my company and save some money and then go to abroad for job

2) should I change now only to VLSI I have already started  training parallel to my job but not able to give my 💯 % as I'm not sure. Should I start from very begging.?

I'm not passionate about anything..which I feels right now, money is priority as at the end that only matter. I'm 28 and single so not sure what future holds but I'm really really very confused. 

Please share your thoughts. I feel stuck right now. Please. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Posted in: #Electronics #Software Testing #Career Help
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Feb 2, 2021
Rank A1 - PRO

It's the sad reality of IT that engineers are pushed to projects that may not be a good match for their skills or liking. One has to accept this reality. You didn't mention anything about the company; so I'd assume that it's a mid-size / SME company where there aren't as many internal opportunities.

QA, ain't a bad domain to make your career in; however it is boring at times. My recommendation is to spend some time in QA and explore opportunities in it (outside your company). 

You're already training in VLSI - and that's a good thing. You aren't expected to give your 100% to it, and that's okay. At your age, focus on building skills that the industry may need and you'll do fine. 

I'd also recommend trying for a job in a bigger company (like Infy, TCS, Wipro and others) where the company can offer multiple opportunities inside the organization. That way, you'll have ample opportunities in future - no matter where you go (city).

Hope this helps a bit. 

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