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Robots With Ethernet/IP Connectivity - A Mitsubishi Product

Question asked by Farjand in #Robotics on Oct 15, 2011
Farjand · Oct 15, 2011
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Mitsubishi made it big in the market when it launched its SD series robots which feature 5 to 6 degrees of freedom. The RV-2AJ and RV-2A are a handy group of machine especially during production as they help in moving and placing components. The Robots which have many uses now feature an added facility. Mitsubishi electric Automation Inc. has upgraded the SD series robots to include an Ethernet/IP protocol with them.
The development came into being as the company wanted to have an industrial communication system with real time capabilities. The robots have a protocol used in DeviceNet and ControlNet. The Common Industrial Protocol or CIP as it is called has a plug-and-play interoperability among multiple vendors. The Ethernet option makes use of only one cable as a link between Programmable Logic Controller and the Robotic controller.
The Robots have done exceptionally well in the industry because of their multitasking operating system which is now boosted by CIP and Compliance control function. With the introduction of CIP, the company is planning to reduce the set-up time for these Robots and to give a hand in raising productivity of the plant. We can now save a lot of idle time because there is no further need wire and route the parallel Input and output terminals one by one.
The Robots were mostly used in quality control and analysis department. With the introduction of EtherNet/IP connectivity it is to be seen, how we can increase the applications of this SD series. It will also be interesting to see what are the new features that Mitsubishi electric Automation Inc. can integrate in its RV-D series robots too. Posted in: #Robotics

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