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pras_89 • Dec 10, 2007


I am doing my 4th sem,can someone reccomend me a good coaching centr in Chennai and some good books for CAT
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Dec 11, 2007
Try IMS, their material is pretty exhaustive ... also checkout TIME.

As for good books, ET and TOI on a regular reading should do. By the time you reach 7th sem, your vocab should be pretty decent.

Also, a sincere suggestion, going to coaching classes is for people who want someone else to coax/cajole/push them into doing things that they want to do. If you want to give the CAT, then its better that you find that internal motivation into putting more than 100% into it. But, do not neglect your engineering studies as well ;-)

Cheers and all the best!
rhlaggarwal • Mar 15, 2008
Ya quite rightly replied...CAT is not about preparation exactly..its about how efficient and fast you are in your quickly you can respond and understand the nuances of any subject newspapers and reading apart from puzzle solving might help
vipulb • Mar 16, 2008
Hey guys i am vipul I am intrested for doing MBA in any foreign universities like in florida or oxford...can u please guide me
friendster7 • Mar 16, 2008
TIME is one of the best coaching center in India for CAT exams do try it
galaxy23 • Mar 21, 2008
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