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Really struggling with my a first year engineering assignment.

Question asked by Amelia Martin in #Electrical on Aug 25, 2020
Amelia Martin
Amelia Martin · Aug 25, 2020


I am a first year engineering and I struggling to complete an assignment I have been set. I'm not sure If people post stuff like this but I am desperate.

so for this assignment I have been shown the circuit attached. I have been given experimental values for the voltage across the capacitor and the current. then I have used methods taught in another module to find theoretically values for the voltage and current. I am then told that the measurements were taken using a x10 attenuator oscilloscope probe and from this information I need to:

  1. determine a circuit model for a typical x10 attenuator oscilloscope probe
  2. create a new circuit model that better supports the theoretical data found 

any explanation/advice on what I need to do here would be very helpful.


Posted in: #Electrical

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