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prabhat kumar
prabhat kumar • Feb 12, 2009

problem to new project in

hi!! everyone please help i m new working with but problem is that when i choose the new project in the error gives web server may not be install or not runing bt i have enterprise edition for .net if any one plz help me
babloo0311 • Feb 12, 2009
how do you start, you have to choose new->website to work with have you got visual studio 2005 its working fine.
shalini_goel14 • Feb 12, 2009

Hey babloo, why don't you start a thread for teaching or I will surely join it and I guess it will help lot of CEans here 😉

prabhat kumar
prabhat kumar • Feb 13, 2009
i have visual i was trying but but when i open new project like webapplication at that time that error shown ( server cannot find)

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