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printf("Hello World"); #Anup Singh

Hello everyone. Myself Anup Singh and I am just a semester away from having a degree in Mechanical engineering. A person of various interests defines me well and automotive dynamics tops the list, closely followed by entrepreneurship. I have been inclined towards the field of Automotive designing since my school days. I used to buy remote controlled cars to light an LED with the motors I dug out of the toys, because someone told me I can do that. That's a childhood story. I don't do that now. Music is also an inseperable part of my life as it motivates me. I have also produced some tracks and I am getting good at it day by day. CE is a community for highly motivated engineers. Who doesn't want be a part of such community? There will be a lot to learn together and a lot to contribute. Looking forward to an interesting journey ahead.
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Feb 9, 2017
Welcome to CE Community @Anup Singh Rajpoot.
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